Where Are You Going? – With Bill Hoffman

Where are you going in your life?

What a loaded question… right?  But valid!  Many times we are kind of “floating”, hoping for the best, coping with the rest, with no clear direction or pathway that we are following.  This of course speaks to the “why” and “purpose” issue that we talk about regularly… and that in turn, leads of course, to the discovery of the genuine “you”… first. 


Because the why and purpose of the individual is the foundational piece.  If you do not know who you are, and are becoming freed up to become that genuine self on your journey, you will likely follow externals; other people, other peoples ideas and ideals, other external vision.  Now… there is nothing wrong with aligning ourselves with someone else’s vision, if you as an individual, are bringing your intrinsic value and gifts into the mix and contributing and aligning yourself from that standpoint.

However, if you are joining a vision in hopes of finding your why, value, and purpose by doing so, then you will likely miss the mark.  We can only bring value when we have discovered it within, and are allowing it to manifest in our lives, and become an outward expression. In order to do this we need self awareness in the realm of honesty and perseverance. If I can be honest with myself as to where I am at, address the needs of self discovery, then I can persevere and move forward to a place that I haven’t gone to yet. But if I go prematurely, I will likely be living out of a false self at least partially, as I have not afforded myself that opportunity, and am expecting a position, or other people to give it to me.

Does this mean that I will need to be “perfect” in order to get anywhere in life?  Absolutely not.  But being on the journey, doing the work, becoming self aware and dealing with life hindering  and limiting beliefs and destructive emotional patterns is crucial in becoming a healthy, more complete and genuine “you.”

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