“In the Meantime”…. With Bill Hoffman


Many years ago a message was preached by a pastor back in Elizabeth NJ.  The message was entitled. “In the Meantime”.

As it turns out, all of life is lived “in the meantime.”  Every moment is after another moment, and before the next, if we are still here to experience the next moment.  There-in lies the key to living a moment at a time.  Yesterday, and the last moment is gone, and the next one may never come.  But we are lulled into believing somehow that it’s going to just keep going, on and on and on.

The reality is however, that life is a vapor.  For most of us that is a fearful reality.  It doesn’t have to be though. But if all you are trusting in is you, your health, your money, your job, your significant other even, you will find it fearful to think about the brevity of life.

Learning to live in the “meantime” is key.  It’s connected to “destination orientation”, in the sense that we often live from goal to goal, or crisis to crisis, and everything in between. There is a place that God wants us to live to experience life, and that life more abundantly.

God is NOWHERE. The two words here are NOT, NO and WHERE, as most answer when I ask.  They are NOW and HERE.  God and life are abundantly experienced NOW and HERE.  God cannot be attained yesterday as it’s gone, nor tomorrow, or even the next moment, as it’s is not here yet.  And contrary to popular belief, you do not control your next breath or heartbeat.  So why do we live like we do?

One reason is that we cover up the fear of the risky unknowns of accepting this Truth.  When we surrender to it however, we can find peace.  Why? Because you let go of the attempting to control destiny… the destiny that belongs to God. It gives us a false sense of peace when we buy into the illusion of control.  It also makes us feel “comfortable”, another dangerous place.

Check this out from Mo Seetubtim (The Brand Mentalist)

“Comfort makes us weak.
Comfort makes us reckless.
Comfort ropes us into becoming its slaves.

Once we’ve become slaves of comfort, we become unhappy when life starts to struggle; we become prone to unhappiness and misery which make us become resistant to happiness.

When we are slaves of comfort, we never know when enough comfort is enough. We keep wanting more. We keep seeking for more. We never feel satisfied.

But if we train our mind to be conscious of this — knowing when enough is enough and when we should stop demanding more comfort out of life — then we will be able to handle anything life throws at us. We become prone to happiness and be resistant to misery.

Don’t lose yourself to the world of comfort.

The uncomfortable things in life are there to teach us lessons because to go through a change of habit, we need to feel uncomfortable.

Give it a try if you can.
Learn to live with less.
Become comfortable with living uncomfortably.
Then you’ll realize that there’s more to life than finding comfort.
Because after all, comfort is just an illusion.”

When we learn to live in the moment of NOW, with all it’s uncomfortability, unknowns, loose ends, undone things, etc., we can become free to live “in the meantime” of right now. And as a bonus, you will find you are more the genuine “you” as you do so.

Brennan Manning puts it this way in an excerpt from The Rabbi’s Heartbeat:

“… not having to hide anymore…staying in the present moment, not escaping into the past or projecting into the future, feeling relaxed, not nervous or jittery. Un-self-conscious, a new way of being with myself, a new way of being in the world… calm, unafraid, no anxiety about what’s going to happen next… loved and valued, just being together as an end in itself.”

Bill Hoffman/Canva Pro/Brennan Manning/Mo Seetubtim



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