Unfiltered Mindset – With Bill Hoffman

Much of the time, the word of unfiltered means more like, unabashed, raw, edgy. And that can certainly be true, and I believe necessary at times to be direct and getting a certain message across when many are compromising.

In this particular discussion however, I am referring to our thought lives. If we don’t have the proper filter in place on our thoughts, feelings and emotions, it’s very easy to be thrown off track in an instant. It won’t take much to be triggered, hurt, offended, or angered by almost any impetus.

I have shared many times that my earlier life was plagued by this type of thought life malaise. I had no idea that the underlying issues of not knowing my temperament weaknesses, insecurities, trauma, pride, fears and more, we’re actually ruling my life and relationships.

No wonder I took hostages in relationships, made enemies instead of friends, and was isolated and bitter and angry at the world around me. This of course was merely a “reflection of my self perception.”

Cognitive therapy alone would not help. I needed deep rooting out of all the underlying baggage. But I also needed a filter. My filter needed to be connected to a realistic view of my heart and all its previous trauma. Finding my value in God, not my successes or failures. Not perceiving rejection where none actually existed as I looked through the filter of past rejections, and so on.

Is this possible? Yes! But you’ll have to do some work. It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling work however. It frees yo to be you! Just as Max shared in the Daily yesterday, once the road map of temperament is revealed, it’s much easier to navigate into the broken areas and find healing, forgiveness, release of judgements towards yourself and others. You become “free to be – and become” all you are intended to be.

For a new pool filter when the old one is too clogged to use anymore, you go to Home Depot. For a new heart/mind filter, go to EIS and find the help you need to install it.

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