Brain Drain – With Bill Hoffman

My friend Jesse Barnett wrote a book called “Soul Crushers”.  I featured him on one of our live broadcasts a while back. In his book he states; “What do you need to release to find freedom? … You can learn to unpack your burdens one by one and find freedom.”

In similar fashion, brain drainers act as deterrents to a healthy emotional and spiritual life. But why do we so easily give way to such destructive habits?

I believe one of the overshadowing reasons is a lack of self awareness; especially in the sense of understanding “Self-Care”.

A definition of self care:

“The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care.”

So what are some hindrances or barriers we might encounter in practicing self care?  I will list some for your consideration. (Some are in the illustration above.)

1. A lack of self-discipline
2. Thinking I don’t deserve it.
3. FOMO – If I take time out for me, I may miss something.
4. Undisciplined thought life
5. Operating out of the weaknesses of my temperament
6. Living in the “tyranny of the urgent”… everything is “911”
7. Attempting to control your world, other people, outcomes, etc.
8. Worrying
9. Projecting
10. Comparing yourself to others
11. Not knowing your intrinsic value
12. Codependency
13. Compromising your values
14. Unforgiveness, judgement and bitterness
15. Lying and covering up
16. Hatred, (Self or others)
17. Jealousy
18. Poor physical disciplines
19. Poor eating habits
20. Over-achieving
These are just a few really. Any area of your life in which you are not exercising self-control, can leave room for an unhealthy pattern to move in. Self-Awareness is a must in counteracting the brain draining effects of a lack of healthy self care.
We are most successful at self-care when we take the time to build self-awareness; when we take the time to notice how we’re feeling, to pay attention to our bodies, emotions, and choices… not just what’s “on the screen” next. 
Self-care has to start with having the self-awareness that we need to take care of ourselves. To break the cycle of overwhelm and reactions, we need to establish new practices that break us out of our familiar patterns.
Taking thoughts, feelings and emotions captive.
Surrendering control.

Eating healthier.
Getting enough rest and recreation
Healthy hobbies
Develop a genuine spiritual life
Journaling, (Archeological, Daily, and Forward journaling).
Seeking counsel/mentorship
Being emotionally current, authentic and genuine


When we establish new disciplines we can break the cycles, gain new perspectives, and develop healthy expectations, and bring awareness to our mind, body, and spirit. From this place of awareness, we can then begin to cultivate self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love.


The bottom line is, without self-awareness, there can be no self-care. Without self-care, there can be no growth because we are too overwhelmed and out of touch with life’s ongoing challenges to think about what we genuinely need, want, and desire… and most importantly, knowing who we genuinely and authentically are.

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