How Gratitude Improves Emotional Health – WIth Damalie Namale


When times are uncertain it can cause a lot of anxiety. We tend to anticipate that our worst fears will come true. We worry and strategize as a way of coping with uncertainty. Seeing the good in life can be one way of handling uncertainty.

Practicing gratitude means we choose to appreciate the good things in life whether big or small. This can build your self-esteem, happiness, as well as uplift your mood.

If you have never tried practicing gratitude here are some tips you can try.

  • Give thanks by making a conscious effort to notice things and people for their good and give a sincere thank you.
  • Write in a journal all the good things you appreciate about your day.
  • Write gratitude letters to people you appreciate in life and let them know why you appreciate them by being specific.
  • Take nature walks and appreciate your surroundings while engaging all your five senses.
  • Practice grateful contemplation by removing electronic distractions and then review the good things in your life. 

The more consistent, genuine, and thoughtful you can be with these practices the more chances are that your moods will be uplifted.
Some things in life will completely  be out of our control no matter what, yet you can choose to see the redeeming value that God always produces in all of it.

1Thessalonians 5:18
In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God concerning you.

Thanks to our Senior Counselor Damalie for her encouraging word today!

Bill Hoffman/Damalie Namale


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