Driving Me Crazy – With Amanda McNeil


Have you ever heard the phrase, “emotions make excellent passengers and terrible drivers”?

So many of us live in an attempt to suppress our emotions, or in other words, pretend they aren’t even in the car. But eventually we realize that actually doesn’t help. Because even if we aren’t always dealing with our emotions, they are in fact still there.

We have to acknowledge the emotions are present in the car of our lives. They can actually be very helpful passengers to give us data on the journey. When emotions are in the right seat of the car they may be able to help us see things that we wouldn’t otherwise see. Since mankind‘s origin, emotions have been present to enhance, inform, and offer a pathway of connection. 

Emotions (the good, bad, and ugly) are designed to be part of the human experience!

But what happens when our emotions are not in the proper seat of the car? What happens when the emotions attempt to be the driver of our lives? 

(This graphic and description can be found in the EIS Mentoring Handbook)

In the words of the great poet, Britney Spears, “you drive me crazy I just can’t sleep” and “baby thinking of you keeps me up all night.”

If we are allowing our emotions to drive us we can feel crazy: anxious, obsessive, insecure, disrupted, second guessing, and fatigued. And ultimately, we end up at a destination we weren’t aiming to arrive at. 

We weren’t designed, long term, to be led by our emotions. As the EIS team, we’re honored to partner with you to identify how to properly rearrange all the seats in your car. We champion you to learn to honor your emotions, listen to the data they provide, validate them, and then learn how to live making choices that are good rather than just the choices that may momentarily “feel good”. 

At the end of the day, you are not a passenger in your story. You are an excellent driver, even if you haven’t fully discovered that, yet. Even the greatest of drivers need a few good driving lessons. 

Bill Hoffman/Amanda McNeil/Canva Pro


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