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Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, my wife Stephanie of 30 Years was diagnosed with AML, (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), back is September. Since then she was in regular chemo therapy until a donor was located. On April 2 she was admitted to City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital in Duarte, CA. Her new “birthday was April 5. ( Transplant of donor bone marrow).

This Hospital is a premier center for cancer research and treatment.   ( This has been the most challenging season of our lives and had required all of my time to care for Stephanie. She will likely be released within another week but then the home care begins as the new bone marrow grafts and becomes a part of her “re-born” physical infrastructure.

No immune system, all vaccines even for measles, etc. need to be re-administered over the next 6 months to a year. The good news is, if this all goes as planned, she can live another 30 years. So the next 100 days in particular are crucial to making this longevity a possibility.

From my end of things, this is limiting severely my ability to keep appointments, write and record the daily journals, and do the EIS LIVE broadcasts, (soon to become “EIS Real Talk”.) Thank you for your patience during this season.  Many of you who read the daily’s are recipients of help through EIS.  Please feel free to submit to me, (, a brief testimony of your positive experience with EIS and I and Christy-Ann will do our best and make the time to publish those along the way! I also have a volunteer “ghost writer” who has volunteered to generate some as well.  When they are available I will have them posted.

Again, thank you for your understanding, support, prayers and love during this time in our lives. I hope to be back soon with more “Real Talk” and Daily Journal entries to help you grow in your Emotional and Spiritual Lives.In the mean time, go back on the blog at and re-read the many, many previous daily’s!

Thank you for your understanding, prayers  and support! In addition, of course, please keep Tony and Frances and their family in your prayers.  We have been fellow travelers on this road together.

I will update as much as I can along the way…. keep an eye on Instagram for brief updates as well.

Sincerely, with much gratitude,

Bill and Stephanie Hoffman







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