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Bill Hoffman

NCCA Licensed

Pastor Bill Hoffman has a Bachelors of Arts in Christian Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary, LA (NCCA Affiliate). Licensed as a Pastoral and Clinical Christian Counselor from NCCA ,and a Professional Clinical Member. Is ordained as a Pastor from Christ Life Center, Laconia, HN. Also holds ministry credentials from Calvary Tabernacle from Cranford, NJ.

He is the former Vice President, General Manager of NYC Relief, a New York/New Jersey based not-for-profit organization focused on serving those struggling with homelessness and providing resources that lead towards life transformation. Bill worked with NYCR for 27 years.

In 2012, he established Tri-State Christian Counseling while still based in Elizabeth, NJ, NYCR Headquarters. After relocating to California in 2017, his practice was renamed “Kairos Life Counseling”. He is now collaborating with Emotional Intelligence Solutions, bringing his counseling, coaching and Leadership experience to a broader scope of influence. He is currently writing his first book.

Bill and his wife Stephanie, a professional nurse, currently reside in San Clemente, California It was through his own trials and difficulties in ministry, marriage, and child rearing, that he sought help 25 years ago. That help was so dramatic, it prompted him to return to school for his degree in Clinical Christian and Pastoral Counseling.

For the last 20 years his focus has been in counseling/coaching in areas of marriage, individual issues, depression, addiction, leadership development, and more. He specializes in temperament analysis to help people find breakthrough. Discovering the inborn temperament traits of an individual is crucial in helping that person on any level. Individuals learn their weaknesses and strengths in the context of relationships, business and marriage. This, along with other techniques such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), a highly effective form of Cognitive Therapy, are invaluable tools that helps provide a distinct edge.

With the rise in technology, Bill has been able to work with thousands of individuals worldwide, via online video portals. He is passionate about helping people discover themselves and working through challenges that they uncover.

Email me: eis.billhoffman@gmail.com

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