Dangerous Relationship Choices

I thought I would add a little levity with the above cartoon, to a very serious and pervasive problem. People get themselves into relationships all day long for the wrong reasons, while they have a boatload of unhealed brokenness, expecting that it's all going to be ok because they are "in love". "We belong together!"... Continue Reading →

Hero Discovers Her True Identity

Hero "From the day I was born, I’ve been a “Daddy’s Girl,” but unfortunately embracing a father-daughter relationship was not a priority my dad and I shared. I’ve always had an overwhelming need to please people, especially when it came to my dad, so growing up I would do anything I could to gain his... Continue Reading →

The Building Blocks

The Temperament Approach TEMPERAMENT PROFILE The Temperament Profile is used to identify a person's inborn, innate temperament. It identifies our spiritual genetics - God's imprint upon each of us. THE BUILDING BLOCKS  A unique way to break down the complex subject of the "inner man" is illustrated in "The Building Blocks" diagram below. God-Created "Temperament"... Continue Reading →

Handling Anxiety as a Leader

Many leaders suffer from anxiety. If we’re being honest, everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. Here are several points to consider when the inevitable anxious times visit. Acknowledge your anxiety without denying it. Anxiety never shows up without a reason. So invite it in and try to understand why it’s manifesting right now. Ignoring your feelings... Continue Reading →

What Do You do with Pain?

All healthy teaching shows you what to do with your pain, with the absurd, the tragic, the nonsensical, the unjust and the undeserved—all of which eventually come into every lifetime. If only we could see these “wounds” as the way through to healing, then they would become sacred wounds rather than scars to deny, disguise, or... Continue Reading →

“The Process” on Audible!

The long awaited Audible version of my book "The Process" is now available here! Here is a small excerpt, the Prologue by Tony and Frances Pappalardo: “Objects in mirror are more broken than they appear.” At the time when we met Bill Hoffman, many in our industry referred to us a “power couple”. One that... Continue Reading →

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