The Process: Journaling

In my book, The Process, we refer to the "second step" as Self Awareness and Journaling. Today my friend Zoraida shared this picture above. Many of you heard her testimony over the weekend. She shared that the journaling exercise, along with Temperament awareness, was basically the key to unlocking the broken areas of her heart... Continue Reading →

Event Follow Up…

After a powerful event like we encountered yesterday, it's important to follow up in appropriate ways to what we have learned, or experienced. In a short three hour period, we were exposed to powerful concepts, truths, examples, and testimonies that reflect the internal work in peoples lives, and how that work translates out into their... Continue Reading →

Servant Leadership – Special Event

Join us tomorrow for this special event with our entire coaching staff and special guests. Topics being presented: Authentic Leadership = Servant Leadership The Healing OrganizationNo Filter: Unleashing Authentic LeadershipValues and Virtues: Character, Integrity and TemperamentSelf Awareness : Managing Emotions and SpiritualityServant Leadership: The Heart of True Leadership Presenters: Bill Hoffman Join us for a... Continue Reading →

Leadership – Awareness

Mark Miller serves as the Vice President for Leadership Development at Chick-fil-A. In the post below, he shares his perspective on Self-Awareness. Have you ever noticed, the more you look for something, the more you find it? Like when you get a new car – the next week, you see dozens of them. . I’ve been... Continue Reading →

The Longest 18 Inches in the World

A common plague that exists today involves hearts that are dull, but their minds are filled with all kinds of impressive knowledge. They have data or information, but they lack the heart connection of experiencing liberating truth. God designed you to experience truth and experience who He is. Truth is not merely a concept, or... Continue Reading →

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