Free to Be – With Bill Hoffman

I talk about this all the time... Being free to BE and BECOME all that we are designed to be. This is diametrically opposed to the performance, competition oriented approaches that many take in their lives to "be the best version of themselves." So what's the difference? The difference is one approach operates from the... Continue Reading →


Albert Ellis was was the original author of what are known as the "10 Irrational Ideas", that are most likely to make you unhappy, essentially. This is a part of REBT, or, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, which promotes a rational way to approach life situations, not being thrown off by circumstance, or even severity of... Continue Reading →

What Is Life Transformation? – With Bill Hoffman

What exactly is "life transformation"?  Well, in our EIS Coaching Handbook, we articulate it this way: "Throughout the years, we have learned that “Self-Help”, “Getting Better”and “Being Fixed” are different than genuine, sustainable life transformation. Genuine change occurs through an inward transformation and will manifest outwardly through thoughts, actions, sustained behavioral changes, and making healthier... Continue Reading →

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