Anxiety – With Damalie Namale

We all go through uncertain circumstances that tempt us into wanting to know the future. Since the unknown makes us feel unsafe, our minds are constantly trying to scan through the past and future in order to predict what is going to happen to us, and temporarily give us "relief" from the pain of uncertainty.... Continue Reading →

  Are you accountable... or only responsible?  If you are responsible, then accountability will be needed to help you with your responsibility. There is a difference between accountability and responsibility. Responsibility relates to a set of duties or expectations that may be placed upon us by others or by ourselves. Responsibility places one in a... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Lifestyle

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, financial responsibility, and such, come the other disciplines: Like accountability, balance, healthy perspectives and expectations, a healthy spiritual life, etc. For many years these things were foreign to me.  I may tap into one or two aspects for a while, like a fad, and then revert back to poor... Continue Reading →

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