Ignoring the Signs

How often we ignore the signals and signs within our own hearts, and from others, that there is something in us that needs attention. Instead of listening to the criticism that someone may be giving us intently, we reject it as judgement, for example, throw the baby out with the bathwater, and disregard what we... Continue Reading →

Beyond This Current Moment with Anita Arrunategui

Pleasure. Contentment. Joy. Three states of being, involving different motives and different outcomes. Where you set your vision is where your path will lead and where your outcome will land. One is for immediate gratification for self (pleasure), the other is finding gratification in the connectedness with current status (contentment)  and the ultimate is satisfaction... Continue Reading →

Doing the Work – With Bill Hoffman

  Doing the Work... Sounds like WORK! It's really interesting how we will readily work hard at lot's and lot's of things... our jobs, businesses, hobbies, phones, computers, iPads, and plenty of other things that we assign value to. But why is it so hard to invest time, passion, energy, financial resources, in the most... Continue Reading →

People Pleasing – With Bill Hoffman

        People pleasing.  I recently posted elsewhere, that when we people please, we may feel as though we are doing a good thing worthy of recognition, when in fact it demonstrates weakness of character, in-authenticity, and insecurity. People pleasing is distinctly different from serving people. But sometimes, based on our temperament makeup,... Continue Reading →

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