Milestones in Recovery

What are some ways we can "track" our movement in a process of recovery or change? One of the biggest pitfalls I see in people engaged in the process, is that they do not track their growth. They do not "forward journal", adding growth goals into the equation of seeing the areas of progress, and... Continue Reading →

Double Minded

James 1:8 States; " The double minded man is unstable in all his ways." And that he should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Why? There is a statement in recovery circles; "Half measures avail us nothing." So when you are double minded, you only have half of whatever it's going to take... Continue Reading →

Behavior Addictions/Revisited

These are some of the addictions that we find are prevalent in our world today. Of course the old standards are still at work; drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, vaping (newer on the scene), etc. These are certainly a problem, but the behavioral addictions are an even bigger problem. Why? Because, number one, they many times lead... Continue Reading →

Denial and Codependency

4 Types of Denial, a Main Characteristic of Codependency When it comes to addiction and codependency, denial isn’t healthy; in fact, it can be dangerous. By not facing the problem, you deprive yourself of learning constructive measures that can improve and potentially save your life and those of others. Codependents have multiple types of denial.... Continue Reading →

Does the Process Work?

The process is "a" process, that has developed over time. A combination of effective and pragmatic disciplines that can afford anyone who choses to employ them diligently, the opportunity to discover their true selves, be relieved of the trauma of their past , and be free to "be" and "become" all they are intended to... Continue Reading →

Are You a Relationship Recycler?

Are you a relationship recycler? What do I mean? Simply put, so many of us do not deal with our underlying issues that keep us bound up, insecure, codependent, and broken - especially in relationships. I married my first wife after drinking all my adult life and after 2 years of sobriety. No real bearings... Continue Reading →

Toxic Soul Ties – Part 2

Over the years, the more I have worked in helping people, the more I see how toxic many of our relationship experiences are.  I have found that the majority of people I come across have had significant traumas regarding past relationship experiences. A large percentage have deep relationship pain. Some recognize it. Others haven’t made the... Continue Reading →

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