Roots of Anxiety

Panic, sweating, racing thoughts, exhaustion, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, ruminating thoughts. Some of the painful, and exhausting symptoms of anxiety. In many cases, anxiety is accompanied by a strong inner-critic which places pressure on us to be perfect. It can also be accompanied by paranoia, depression and many other symptoms. If any of this rings a bell... Continue Reading →

Trauma Informed Leadership

I want to take some time to talk about trauma-informed leadership. If you have any experience leading or managing a team, you know the challenges that come with it. It can be thankless and frustrating work that calls for a tall order of resilience. You’ve got to inspire people, deal with toxic personalities, build team... Continue Reading →

Sexual Brokenness

The Crisis of Unwanted Sexual BehaviorThe statistics associated with unwanted sexual behavior inour world are staggering. The Society for the Advancement ofSexual Health conservatively estimates that between 3 percentand 5 percent of all Americans can be classified as addicted tosex. This represents an alarming nine to sixteen million people.Additionally, 64 percent of thirteen- to twenty-four-year-oldsintentionally... Continue Reading →


Keep in mind, if you're a narcissist, you likely will not admit it. I am sure you have heard the ancient tale of Narcissus: he fell in love with his reflection in the water, lost his humanity and turned into a flower. This is where the term “narcissism” comes from, although the story itself is... Continue Reading →

Tearing Down Strongholds

What is a stronghold anyway? Many strongholds consist of a pattern of thinking that your mind travels down regularly over a period of time. Strongholds in the mind are able to be torn down, or transformed into truthful patterns that replace the un-godly ones. The way we do this is be taking our thoughts captive... Continue Reading →


Why do we make so many posts on codependency? Because it's the most common dysfunctional behavior in just about every relationship in to one degree or another. All you need do is take a look at the list above and I am sure you will find something that you can relate to. To an extent,... Continue Reading →

When You Should Leave a Toxic Relationship

After every heartbreak, you leave a piece of you with that other person, and you may not ever get that piece back. Over time that emptiness will heal and can fill with joy, even though experiences, memories, thoughts, emotions, tears, and laughter may always be left with past individuals with whom you have shared your life. This is... Continue Reading →

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