Viva la Difference! With Anita Arrunategui

Every person is born with their own perceptions, expectations and temperament propensities. These aspects of how one views and responds to life is their reality and must be taken into consideration in any relationship in order to strive and be healthy. Both matters and yet often temperaments collide. Needless to say, this can cause individuals... Continue Reading →

Low Bandwidth – With Bill Hoffman

  When life presents "extra challenges", we will often find that we feel the pressures that perhaps would not be a problem to handle under "normal" circumstances, seem to gobble up our "bandwidth", or capacity. When this happens, we may find that we are shorter fused,  edgy, snappy or snarky, etc.  We may feel overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

The Third Wheel – With Anita Arrunategui

Triangulation is when a third person is drawn into a relationship of two and their presence and input change the dynamics of the relationship with a goal of lowering tensions. Some triangle formations are good. Some…not so much. Triangulation can be negative. One popular negative scenario is a couple having a power struggle and one... Continue Reading →

Roots of Codependency – With Bill Hoffman

In an article by Anivda, we are given some insights into the formation of codependency.  Codependency is a breeding ground for a multitude of subsequent dysfunctional behavior patterns. 7 Common Characteristics of Codependent People To find out whether someone is codependent or not, a person’s attitude and behavior along with the nature of their relationship... Continue Reading →

Narcissist Twists – With Bill Hoffman

A Narcissist Twist.  I have talked in previous posts about how temperament will affect how the narcissism is played out.  For example, if the person is a Choleric they may be a "classic" narcissist", meaning the controlling, arrogant, knows everything, more "malignant" type of narcissist. The "ego-maniac with the inferiority complex." Then there might be... Continue Reading →

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