Say the Course in Turbulent Times

How do we live in a world where nothing is certain and the pace of change keeps accelerating? Where is the safe shore in a world such as ours? Consider these seven important keys to keeping your life on track during turbulent times: 1. Give up your need for certainty and embrace the very idea... Continue Reading →

Trauma Informed Leadership

I want to take some time to talk about trauma-informed leadership. If you have any experience leading or managing a team, you know the challenges that come with it. It can be thankless and frustrating work that calls for a tall order of resilience. You’ve got to inspire people, deal with toxic personalities, build team... Continue Reading →

Self Betrayal Due to Past Trauma

The Toll of Complex Trauma This is for those of you who are caught in what seems like an endless cycle of starting something, seeing glimmers of success, and then, for some strange reason you cause yourself to fail. This is self-sabotage, a common cycle for those who suffer from Complex PTSD, and/or  recovering from... Continue Reading →

Trauma and Character Development

The word ‘trauma’ is derived from the Greek term for ‘wound’. Very frightening or distressing events may result in a psychological wound or injury – and trauma in psychological terms in the emotional response to such an event. Traumatic events certainly include one-off events like natural disasters, terrorist attacks or acts of random violence. Some include exposure... Continue Reading →

Fear of Man

" The fear of human opinion disables;    trusting in God protects you from that." - The Message Depending on your temperament particularly, you may have an inordinate "fear of man", or fear of human opinions. It can be disabling and debilitating. There are numerous reasons why we would care so much about others opinion of us and put more... Continue Reading →

Are You Able to Receive Correction?

There is power in accepting and receiving correction. I was talking with a pastor and he shared about his grandson who he was teaching to play golf. He said every time he was corrected or instructed he would get offended. I thought about several scriptures: Proverbs 15:5 - "A fool despises his father's instruction, but... Continue Reading →


Keep in mind, if you're a narcissist, you likely will not admit it. I am sure you have heard the ancient tale of Narcissus: he fell in love with his reflection in the water, lost his humanity and turned into a flower. This is where the term “narcissism” comes from, although the story itself is... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Life

In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. —John 16:33 As the saying goes: "We don't just 'receive' overcoming life, we find life as we overcome." So then, living an "overcoming life"comes as we face the challenges of life by faith in the God who has... Continue Reading →

Leading in Times of Crisis

Most leaders believe they’re prepared to lead through a crisis. But many of them don’t fully understand what crisis leadership entails. Faced with an actual crisis playing out in real time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by uncertainty. Here are some touchstones to help you remember the things you need to do to maintain forward... Continue Reading →

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