Movin’ on Up with Anita Arrunategui

My husband and I moved so many times. From Bedford Stuyvesant  to Canarsie then over to Cranford NJ. We moved from several apartments to a house; from small to really really big and then back to downsizing. It's been quite a ride. Sure, there is the excitement of dreams realized and visions fulfilled with each... Continue Reading →

  Are you accountable... or only responsible?  If you are responsible, then accountability will be needed to help you with your responsibility. There is a difference between accountability and responsibility. Responsibility relates to a set of duties or expectations that may be placed upon us by others or by ourselves. Responsibility places one in a... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Lifestyle

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, financial responsibility, and such, come the other disciplines: Like accountability, balance, healthy perspectives and expectations, a healthy spiritual life, etc. For many years these things were foreign to me.  I may tap into one or two aspects for a while, like a fad, and then revert back to poor... Continue Reading →

EIS LIVE! Tomorrow – Danica Patrick

  Looking forward to a great discussion with Co-Host Frances Pappalardo and special guest Danica Patrick. Don't miss this one!  Danica is most known for her winning career in NASCAR, being  the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. She is also is the Proprietor of Somnium Wine, and has a popular and... Continue Reading →

Living Your Best Life Now

"Living your best life now", in the past 10-20 years has become a phrase that has become a mantra for many people. It's somewhat synonymous with "Being the best version of yourself", albiet a bit more hedonistic. So what does it mean, and perhaps, what should it mean? Well that depends on the circle you're... Continue Reading →

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