In business, you will find times that you disagree with the decisions or recommendations that other hold. While you will never come off in a positive light if you adopt the disagree before knowing what they'll say tactic, it is possible and necessary to express disagreement from time-to-time. Doing it properly and professionally, however, is critical... Continue Reading →

How Far Will You Go?

"YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE YOU WANT, IF YOU WILL JUST HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT." -Zigler There is just no way around it. We are made for helping other people get where their hearts desire lies. But why? If we are designed to prosper, which we are, the only way... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Pride and Arrogance

Perhaps, one of the hardest things to recognize in ourselves is our pride. Pride can lead us to be only concerned with ourselves, seek recognition to exalt ourselves, and speak constantly without listening. You might as well have seen many arrogant people around you. They are always preoccupied with their ego, and probably, you’re struggling... Continue Reading →

Embracing Uncertainty

Here is the stark reality. Everything in life that we put our trust in and count as certain, (outside of God), is actually not certain. The only thing about all those things is they will actually all pass away at some point. Nothing lasts that the earth produces. The only thing that lasts is love,... Continue Reading →

The Goal – The Purpose

Life is passing away. Money passes away. As George Harrison sang, "All Things Must Pass." So what then? Shall we not make money? Of course we will, and should. But putting your trust in money will leave you bankrupt. We are all created with a purpose; and money can help us accomplish our purpose, but... Continue Reading →

Financial Peace

What does it really mean to have financial peace? Does it mean that you earn lots and lots of money so you get really wealthy and buy whatever you want for the rest of your life? Of course not. There’s nothing wrong with having money. And there’s nothing wrong with using it to buy some fun... Continue Reading →

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