Out of Your Hands

Meaghan If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too. Throughout my years in recovery, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to let things go: the relationship that failed, the job I didn’t get, the money I blew on things I didn’t need; the pain, guilt, shame, worthlessness, and... Continue Reading →

If, Then…

One of the basic "laws" of God is very practical and simple... so simple, that even a child can understand it, and decide to abide by it. Are you ready? If .... and Then. What does that mean? Here are a few examples. Isaiah 1: 19 If you are willing and obey, you will eat the... Continue Reading →

Malice, Ignorance and Wisdom

Macice or Ignorance... which comes first? And what's the antidote? SInce the Bible says the heart is desperately wicked, there could easily be an argument that malice comes first. But then, where might ignorance come in? Not knowing and understanding the truth. Therefore we make our own judgements, get hurt, offended, jealous, angry, vengeful, resentful... Continue Reading →

Expectations II – Expectations vs. Hope

Perhaps you have heard the saying: "Expectations are premeditated resentments." I believe this slogan, which apparently originated in 12-step programs, contains some useful, practical information for all of us about the psychology of expectations. Its wisdom can be derived by acknowledging two psychological facts: First, merely expecting something to happen will not make it happen. Developmental psychologist... Continue Reading →


Expectations are a very powerful factor in our emotional wellbeing. Have you ever noticed that when you place unrealistic expectations on yourself or someone else, and those expectations are not met... what happens? Today, I am not focusing on expectations in relationships, rather in our team building efforts. So, want to know a major component... Continue Reading →

“Being” – Not “Doing”

Stephanie and her Family One of the main themes we always present at our events and in all our counseling work and teachings, is learning that it's not so much about "doing" as it is "being". After all, we are human beings, not human doings. In order to be that human being, we must learn... Continue Reading →

The Leeb Legacy

I never looked at my life as if there were things to fix or uncover. As a Sanguine Compulsive, I wanted to always live in “happy land”. Unless something was currently bothering me, the issue wasn’t there in my mind. As you can imagine, I was incredibly wrong! The things in my life that I... Continue Reading →

Laura and Raphael -Newlyweds in Process

"Raphael and I met in college playing soccer shortly after we graduated, started dating and like all couples we had our highs and lows in the relationship. We got married after six years of courtship and thinking "OK, we're already a little more mature" (just because we had stopped arguing daily - LOL). In January... Continue Reading →

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