Consistent Self Control

People often use a variety of terms for self-control, including discipline, determination, grit, willpower, and fortitude. Psychologists typically define self-control as: • The ability to control behaviors in order to avoid temptations and to achieve goals• The ability to delay gratification and resist unwanted behaviours or urges• A limited resource that can be depleted Interestingly,... Continue Reading →

Affliction and Thanksgiving

Way back in the book of Hosea, in Verse 5:15, it says "... in their affliction, they will ernestly seek Me." Affliction is a natural element of human existence. It will not be escaped. The big problem with affliction often is, that we may think in times of affliction that we are alone, and that... Continue Reading →

What Matters Most?

From achievement and adventure to wisdom and wonder, not to mention kindness, innovation, and professionalism, values are those things you deem important in life. Expressions of what you care about, they profoundly inform what you pursue day to day, year to year. In so doing, they fundamentally shape the trajectory of your whole life. Whatever values you subscribe... Continue Reading →

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Behavioral styles tell us that only about 18% of the population score high on the scale that favors assertiveness and dealing with things head on. These are people who thrive on conflict, will say what they think, don’t care who they offend (at times) and are bold in their approach. The remaining 82% of the population tends... Continue Reading →

Limiting Beliefs

"As a Man Believes in his heart, so he is." "We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience." –Louise L. Hay Start unearthing your own... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

WE ARE ALL WORKS IN PROCESS Committing fully to the step of taking our own thoughts captive means accepting, that the task of discovering who we really are, how we have been limiting ourselves, and how we can best learn and grow in our lives is an ongoing business, something that is never complete. We... Continue Reading →

Value and Values

How do we establish values? Where does it begin? Do we adopt them from an external source like a job, a social group, a church? Or do they realy come from within? I would suggest that it is both/and. Why? We may come into an environment where certain values are presented, or I may have... Continue Reading →

Milestones in Recovery

What are some ways we can "track" our movement in a process of recovery or change? One of the biggest pitfalls I see in people engaged in the process, is that they do not track their growth. They do not "forward journal", adding growth goals into the equation of seeing the areas of progress, and... Continue Reading →

I Can, I Will, I Must: A Mantra

A mantra is a repeated statement to oneself that can basically help one to believe what we are saying to ourselves. It is not a magical incantation, and it is not a "formula" that will bring what I am focusing the mantra on to pass. Some eastern religions will define mantra differently, but conceptually, it... Continue Reading →

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