Toxic Soul Ties – Part 2

Over the years, the more I have worked in helping people, the more I see how toxic many of our relationship experiences are.  I have found that the majority of people I come across have had significant traumas regarding past relationship experiences. A large percentage have deep relationship pain. Some recognize it. Others haven’t made the... Continue Reading →

Half Measures

This is a tried and true statement from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Mainly pointing to a half hearted recovery effort that doesn't usually bring to you a desirable result. Like half stopping drinking, half in half out. It doesn't give you "half sobriety", it brings you back out, usually, to using again. Why?... Continue Reading →

You Are as Sick as Your Secrets

We don't always categorize the kinds of "secrets" we will be talking about today, as the traditional kind of "secrets" that we might be accustomed to. Meaning, it's not like someone told me a secret to keep about someone or something. Rather, it's about the hiding, covering up, pretending, insecurities and fears that keep us... Continue Reading →


F ouled-up I nsecure N eurotic E motional Ahh yes... everything is "just FINE. This 4 letter word has a rep these days! FINE. The state of things not being ok under the surface when we act like it is. The place of the elusive "comfort zone" where we just love to dwell, so we... Continue Reading →

Permission to Heal

Sometimes the most obvious things we need seem hidden, even though they are in plain sight. Most of the solutions for our life are very simple, yet often ignored. One of the greatest practices that is neglected is the need to cultivate and care for the life of the heart.  The bad choices, rejections, failures,... Continue Reading →

Authentic Leadership – Part 7 Emotions and Leadership

Emotional health is a state of enhanced well-being createdthrough highly conscious choices and practices.It is characterized by a person’s ability to make mindful,constructive and respectful decisions and choices in every situationthey find themselves in. A person with a high level of emotionalhealth takes personal responsibility for the way in which they relateto and engage with... Continue Reading →

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