Work in Progress

WE ARE ALL WORKS IN PROCESS Committing fully to the step of taking our own thoughts captive means accepting, that the task of discovering who we really are, how we have been limiting ourselves, and how we can best learn and grow in our lives is an ongoing business, something that is never complete. We... Continue Reading →

I Can, I Will, I Must: A Mantra

A mantra is a repeated statement to oneself that can basically help one to believe what we are saying to ourselves. It is not a magical incantation, and it is not a "formula" that will bring what I am focusing the mantra on to pass. Some eastern religions will define mantra differently, but conceptually, it... Continue Reading →

Reactive Vs. Proactive

In relationships, are you reactive, or proactive? What do we mean? Do you wait for things to break before doing something about what's actually already broken? That's the key right there. When things in relationships come to a head, and "break", the evidence inherently is that something was broken that ultimately presented itself. This means... Continue Reading →

Does the Process Work?

The process is "a" process, that has developed over time. A combination of effective and pragmatic disciplines that can afford anyone who choses to employ them diligently, the opportunity to discover their true selves, be relieved of the trauma of their past , and be free to "be" and "become" all they are intended to... Continue Reading →

What the Process is Not.

When I began writing "The Process", my writer and I were in heated agreement that this book would not be a "how to" book, or a "six steps to having a great marriage and business" book. Why? One of the reasons is that those types of books are great hooks that draw people in to... Continue Reading →

Are You a Relationship Recycler?

Are you a relationship recycler? What do I mean? Simply put, so many of us do not deal with our underlying issues that keep us bound up, insecure, codependent, and broken - especially in relationships. I married my first wife after drinking all my adult life and after 2 years of sobriety. No real bearings... Continue Reading →

Toxic Soul Ties – Part 2

Over the years, the more I have worked in helping people, the more I see how toxic many of our relationship experiences are.  I have found that the majority of people I come across have had significant traumas regarding past relationship experiences. A large percentage have deep relationship pain. Some recognize it. Others haven’t made the... Continue Reading →

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