Counterdependency – With Bill Hoffman

In their book, "The Flight From Intimacy", Barry and Janae Weinhold expose the sibling of Codependency known as "Counterdependency" . What is it? Well... co-dependency indicates being  "dependent" on the behaviors and connection, be it ever so dysfunctional, to another human being. "Counter" dependency is basically the opposite. It is the posturing that I don't... Continue Reading →

The Pretender – With Bill Hoffman

There is an old Jackson Browne song called, "The Pretender".  I thought about it this morning while reading "All is Grace" again, by Brennan Manning. His interpretation is "the imposter", or false self. In any case it refers to the tragedy of living out of a disingenuous place in life, indicative of not knowing ones... Continue Reading →

Brain Drain – With Bill Hoffman

My friend Jesse Barnett wrote a book called "Soul Crushers".  I featured him on one of our live broadcasts a while back. In his book he states; "What do you need to release to find freedom? ... You can learn to unpack your burdens one by one and find freedom." In similar fashion, brain drainers... Continue Reading →

Is it OK to Be Angry? – With Bill Hoffman

In the Bible we are told, "Be angry and do not sin."  This means don't allow your anger to spawn a choice that results in destructive behavior, essentially. "Acting aggressively isn’t mentioned anywhere in the definition of anger. That’s because anger is not a behavior; it’s not the same as hostility, violence, or aggression. Those... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Going? – With Bill Hoffman

Where are you going in your life? What a loaded question... right?  But valid!  Many times we are kind of "floating", hoping for the best, coping with the rest, with no clear direction or pathway that we are following.  This of course speaks to the "why" and "purpose" issue that we talk about regularly... and... Continue Reading →

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