Love Never Fails

This is a truth that interestingly is misunderstood, and under utilized. Largely, I believe, because we do not understand love in the first place. For example, love, is many times equated with mushy, romantic notions that are warm and fuzzy. Or, those who believe in God would say God IS Love. But what does that... Continue Reading →

Behavioral Addictions

These are some of the addictions that we find are prevalent in our world today. Of course the old standards are still at work; drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, vaping (newer on the scene), etc. These are certainly a problem, but the behavioral addictions are an even bigger problem. Why? Because, number one, they many times lead... Continue Reading →

The Need to Be “Right”

5 Ways to Stop Needing to be Right Ask the age-old question: Would you rather be right or happy? Most of us would rather be happy, but we often equate being right with being happy. In fact, when you make someone else wrong, deep down inside, you don’t feel good (or right) about your actions…or yourself. That’s... Continue Reading →

Intimacy Anorexia

Intimacy anorexia is a hidden addiction. The way intimacy anorexia presents in relationships and marriages is often not readily apparent and the signs and symptoms can also be confused with other disorders or conditions. Use the characteristics below to help discern if the lack of intimacy you are experiencing in your relationship or marriage is... Continue Reading →

Emotional Connection

For a long time, I have tried to have more authentic emotional connections with people closest to me. Of course in my marriage I have and continue to try; my codependent tendencies unfortunately sabotage my attempts more often than not. The other "proving ground" is my daughter. She has probably been the most challenging because... Continue Reading →

Embracing Uncertainty

Here is the stark reality. Everything in life that we put our trust in and count as certain, (outside of God), is actually not certain. The only thing about all those things is they will actually all pass away at some point. Nothing lasts that the earth produces. The only thing that lasts is love,... Continue Reading →

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