Emotions vs. Needs – With Bill Hoffman

If you can understand this reality, and start disciplining yourself through taking your thoughts, feelings and emotions captive, you can literally change everything in your life that is "off", dysfunctional and destructive. This coupled with dealing with your unresolved "baggage", can set you on a trajectory of transformation that will continue on throughout your lifetime.... Continue Reading →

Ignoring the Signs

How often we ignore the signals and signs within our own hearts, and from others, that there is something in us that needs attention. Instead of listening to the criticism that someone may be giving us intently, we reject it as judgement, for example, throw the baby out with the bathwater, and disregard what we... Continue Reading →

True Authority

  What is true authority, and what is not? The simple answer is humility and pride. Do we desire to truly lead people in humble authority because I have been blessed with a mantle of understanding and talents, etc. that allow me to do so? Or do I desire to "lord over" people because I... Continue Reading →

Trauma Roles with Anita Arrunategui

  As Bill Hoffman states in his book, "The Process," "Anyone or anything that controls our emotions imprisons us." This control is dysfunctional and lends itself to bondage. It's destructive, and ultimately, it's slavery to runaway emotions, whims, and notions of yourself and others. That doesn't sound very appealing, and yet so many get caught... Continue Reading →

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