Our Purpose

It's been a very special weekend and I am a little emotional right now. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this family right now. As we enjoyed an incredible sunset together, the love in my heart overflowed. God has put us together so His purpose could be established in us and then through us.... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon… The Real You

Are you tired of being a poser, faker or wannabe? Are you tired of living out of your false self? Are you tired of trying to impress the people you think are important in your world? Are you tired of coping with your insecurities and covering it all up and coping and hoping? You have... Continue Reading →

Root Canal

So of course getting ready for our weekend of training and understanding how understanding how important is to get to the root systems in our hearts, so that we can uncover the genuine "us", I had several conversations today with people at various stages of the process. The bottom line is that, just like a... Continue Reading →

How Far Will You Go?

"YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE YOU WANT, IF YOU WILL JUST HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT." -Zigler There is just no way around it. We are made for helping other people get where their hearts desire lies. But why? If we are designed to prosper, which we are, the only way... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

Our EIS meetings are designed to help give you the "goods", to help you discover your why, your purpose, and most importantly, your genuine self. So what we "do" with our lives, should really be determined by "becoming" who we really are first, making way for a clearer understanding of what we will "do" with... Continue Reading →


Why do we make so many posts on codependency? Because it's the most common dysfunctional behavior in just about every relationship in to one degree or another. All you need do is take a look at the list above and I am sure you will find something that you can relate to. To an extent,... Continue Reading →

Parental Inversion

Inversion can happen when we have to care for parents that cannot care for themselves, having to care for siblings when the parents are absent or incapable, or any number of life situations where a child is put into the position of an adult. Parental Inversion robs you of your childhood. Here's how. A young... Continue Reading →

When You Should Leave a Toxic Relationship

After every heartbreak, you leave a piece of you with that other person, and you may not ever get that piece back. Over time that emptiness will heal and can fill with joy, even though experiences, memories, thoughts, emotions, tears, and laughter may always be left with past individuals with whom you have shared your life. This is... Continue Reading →

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