The Longest 18 Inches in the World

A common plague that exists today involves hearts that are dull, but their minds are filled with all kinds of impressive knowledge. They have data or information, but they lack the heart connection of experiencing liberating truth. God designed you to experience truth and experience who He is. Truth is not merely a concept, or... Continue Reading →

Healing the Pain of Our Brokenness

Most people who enter the Process, are really excited to learn their temperament. They have heard all about it and genuinely want to know why they do the things they do, why they keep cycling in dysfunctional patterns, etc. But when we get to the part of the process that involves the "archeological journaling", getting... Continue Reading →

Are You a Relationship Recycler?

Are you a relationship recycler? What do I mean? Simply put, so many of us do not deal with our underlying issues that keep us bound up, insecure, codependent, and broken - especially in relationships. I married my first wife after drinking all my adult life and after 2 years of sobriety. No real bearings... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Anxiety – With Kat Papadakis

I’m addicted to anxiety! Guess what?  I believe we all are!  We're addicted to the false sense of productivity it gives us. It’s rapid, unpromising feeling of accomplishment without results. Growing up, I rarely (if ever), heard the word “anxiety.”  Perhaps there was a different word for it back then and now it’s used recklessly,... Continue Reading →

Toxic Soul Ties – Part 2

Over the years, the more I have worked in helping people, the more I see how toxic many of our relationship experiences are.  I have found that the majority of people I come across have had significant traumas regarding past relationship experiences. A large percentage have deep relationship pain. Some recognize it. Others haven’t made the... Continue Reading →

Toxic Soul Ties – Part 1 With Mark De Jesus

Healing from toxic relationships often involves working through the toxic soul ties that we have formed in our journey. I want to talk about the importance of your relationship ties and your history of attachments, connections and bonds. You were made for relationship and designed to be knit together with other relationships in powerful, healthy... Continue Reading →

Half Measures

This is a tried and true statement from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Mainly pointing to a half hearted recovery effort that doesn't usually bring to you a desirable result. Like half stopping drinking, half in half out. It doesn't give you "half sobriety", it brings you back out, usually, to using again. Why?... Continue Reading →

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