Healing the Pain of Our Brokenness

Most people who enter the Process, are really excited to learn their temperament. They have heard all about it and genuinely want to know why they do the things they do, why they keep cycling in dysfunctional patterns, etc. But when we get to the part of the process that involves the "archeological journaling", getting... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Anxiety – With Kat Papadakis

I’m addicted to anxiety! Guess what?  I believe we all are!  We're addicted to the false sense of productivity it gives us. It’s rapid, unpromising feeling of accomplishment without results. Growing up, I rarely (if ever), heard the word “anxiety.”  Perhaps there was a different word for it back then and now it’s used recklessly,... Continue Reading →


F ouled-up I nsecure N eurotic E motional Ahh yes... everything is "just FINE. This 4 letter word has a rep these days! FINE. The state of things not being ok under the surface when we act like it is. The place of the elusive "comfort zone" where we just love to dwell, so we... Continue Reading →

Authentic Leadership – Part 7 Emotions and Leadership

Emotional health is a state of enhanced well-being createdthrough highly conscious choices and practices.It is characterized by a person’s ability to make mindful,constructive and respectful decisions and choices in every situationthey find themselves in. A person with a high level of emotionalhealth takes personal responsibility for the way in which they relateto and engage with... Continue Reading →

Authentic Leadership= Servant Leadership

The Leader’s Responsibilities Leadership and management can be very depleting. When I’m tired I don’t always seem to have it in me to be patient and generous. I make a quick decision instead of empowering, solve the problem instead of showing someone how, choose to do it myself rather than take the moment to delegate... Continue Reading →

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