Leadership vs. Management

Both are needed. But which one suits you better taking into consideration your temperament, gifts, and talents? Ethics and virtues are necessary for both so where do you fit? Counting value vs Creating value. You’re probably counting value, not adding it, if you’re managing people. Only managers count value; some even reduce value by disabling... Continue Reading →

Walls and Boundaries

We talk often about boundaries, the healthy need for them and how they define the ways you treat yourself as well as how you allow others to treat you, and how you treat others. There are physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual boundaries that you develop in order to know where you stand in life in... Continue Reading →

Know What You Don’t Know

The things you don’t know obviously outweigh what you do know. But when you are ego driven, you have a need you think, to know everything and have answers all the time. Especially a Melancholy who hates to appear incompetent. Or the Choleric who fully believes they “know”. Two old sayings come to mind. “... Continue Reading →

Personal Boundaries

Love can’t exist without boundaries, even with your children. It’s easy to understand external boundaries as your bottom line. Think of rules and principles you live by when you say what you will or won’t do or allow. If you have difficulty saying no, override your needs to please others, or are bothered by someone... Continue Reading →

Learning to Be Kind to Yourself

If I had the ability to hear your inner dialogue, odds are, I may have to call family protective services, I bet a large percentage of self-talk is negative, harsh and down right abusive. Unfortunately, most of us have accepted toxic self-talk as just a way of life. But when I learned there was a greater... Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

How emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts relationships If you are seeking a partner in life, I suggest Sacred Search by Gary Thomas. You want to discover God's plan in your life, and there is no more important place for that to be realized than in your relationships. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the secrets of... Continue Reading →

A Challenging Life with Purpose

I remember when my mother died. After that, I thought that any challenge I would face would be easy after that. I thought anything that I would face couldn't be anywhere near as challenging as that. Guess what... I was wrong. Life would continue to be chock full of challenges, especially once you get married... Continue Reading →

The Need to Be “Right”

5 Ways to Stop Needing to be Right Ask the age-old question: Would you rather be right or happy? Most of us would rather be happy, but we often equate being right with being happy. In fact, when you make someone else wrong, deep down inside, you don’t feel good (or right) about your actions…or yourself. That’s... Continue Reading →

“Future” Journaling

Future self journaling works because it creates conscious awareness around your current behaviors and patterns. For many of us, this exercise is the first (and only time) we’ve done this. We talk alot about archeological journaling to expose root systems from our broken past that need healing. We also talk alot about self-awareness being essential... Continue Reading →

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