Temperament Blends

The Phlegmatic Melancholy This person expresses the temperament need like a Phlegmatic but they respond (wanted need) to the same need as a Melancholy. The Phlegmatic, combined with any other temperament, has a stabilizing effect on that temperament. Therefore, in this case, the Phlegmatic will alter the responsive need and give temperament traits of both... Continue Reading →

Temperament Basics – The Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic (Introvert)To the observer, the Phlegmatic is extremely slow-paced and stubborn. The Phlegmatic goes through life doing as little as possible, quietly, and expending little energy. They have limited energy reserves and calculate and guard their energy. They are task oriented with a great capacity for work that requires precision and accuracy and expends a... Continue Reading →

Temperament Basics – The Sanguine

Sanguine (Extrovert)The Sanguine is a very social person who likes to be with people. Of all the temperaments, the Sanguine is the easiest to be around socially. They are n outgoing, handshaking, touching person. They bring life and energy into a room by their very presence. Their cheerfulness and humor brighten everyone’s life. They are... Continue Reading →

Temperament Basics – The Melancholy

As we go through the temperaments, remember that each temperament is broken down into 3 areas: Inclusion-Social, Control, Affection-Close relationships. In addition, there are expressed and wanted scores in each area, and then there are temperament blendings; all possibilities of combinations can dramatically affect the overall picture of your temperament. So it's important to remember,... Continue Reading →

Temperament Basics – Choleric

Choleric (Extrovert)This temperament is identified as the most powerful (and potentially destructive) of the five temperaments. It is not unreasonable to state that the world’s greatest feared dictators and diabolical criminals were perhaps Choleric. However, when this person truly comes to know God and His purpose, and uses their strengths for the glory of God... Continue Reading →

Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

If you know temperament at all, you know that an article on "strengths and weaknesses" in terms of temperament, would need to be broken down by temperaments themselves, and then temperament blends that further compound the study. So for this article I will try and keep it simple, and in subsequent posts, will break down... Continue Reading →

Out of Your Hands

Meaghan If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too. Throughout my years in recovery, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to let things go: the relationship that failed, the job I didn’t get, the money I blew on things I didn’t need; the pain, guilt, shame, worthlessness, and... Continue Reading →

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