How to Find Peace

There are a million and one ways that people will attempt to find inner peace. But are they all going to bring us to genuine peace? Whether you believe in God right now or not, I am asking you to read on. Because there is a pathway to peace, real lasting peace that can become... Continue Reading →

No One is Above Change

I recently had my friends Dan and Shannon Weldon or our EIS LIVE! broadcast. I had worked with them along their journey of dating, engagement all the way to their marriage. It was such a blessing to hear their continuing story as they incorporate their lessons learned during our times together in an ongoing fashion.... Continue Reading →

EIS LIVE! MONDAY! Warren and Vanessa Frie

Join us 6PM EST. Facebook Streaming LIVE HERE We are looking forward to two generations talking about how to have a successful and prosperous relationship and business. It takes alot of work to have both your relationship work at home and in business. Warren and Vanessa are a great example of a couple that has... Continue Reading →


One of the hardest things for so many people to do is ask for help. Why is this? An old friend and one of my early leaders used to say in his Kentucky accent; "It's just pride and rebellion - that's all it is." Wow! Pride I could easily see, but what's the rebellion part!?... Continue Reading →

In The Twinkling of an Eye

In an instant my sweet sister Lynn went to be with the Lord. We are so grateful for her not suffering long. Her battle with cancer was lost on earth but she won eternity with Jesus. We want to thank our family and friends who were there for her in her final days and through... Continue Reading →

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