Abusive Relationships II

One of the things I always tell people at the onset of counseling is that we will separate you and your significant other in counseling until each person has sufficiently been able to move into a place of taking responsibility for their own part in the breakdown of the relationship. Otherwise it is always something... Continue Reading →

Stunted Growth, Emotional Relapse and Cycling

You have heard the expression," the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results." Well, when you are emotionally stunted, or immature, you will likely cycle through poor, dysfunctional behavior patterns and never actually grow, mature or change. This can be due to a number of possibilities, including... Continue Reading →

The Process – The Sequel

That's right! The sequel to The Process is under way! We believe we have come up with a winning combination to help people to actually engage in the process, and have a companion book to do it with. "The Process - The First Forty Days and Beyond", is a combination of our Daily Challenge and... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Relationship Choices

I thought I would add a little levity with the above cartoon, to a very serious and pervasive problem. People get themselves into relationships all day long for the wrong reasons, while they have a boatload of unhealed brokenness, expecting that it's all going to be ok because they are "in love". "We belong together!"... Continue Reading →

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