Recovery Time – With Bill Hoffman

  Hello Everyone, As most of you know, my wife Stephanie of 30 Years was diagnosed with AML, (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), back is September. Since then she was in regular chemo therapy until a donor was located. On April 2 she was admitted to City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital in Duarte, CA. Her new... Continue Reading →

Driving Me Crazy – With Amanda McNeil

  Have you ever heard the phrase, “emotions make excellent passengers and terrible drivers”? So many of us live in an attempt to suppress our emotions, or in other words, pretend they aren’t even in the car. But eventually we realize that actually doesn’t help. Because even if we aren’t always dealing with our emotions,... Continue Reading →

What Are You Waiting For? With Bill Hoffman

What are you waiting for? Am I suggesting that we should always haphazardly just jump into everything that presents itself to us without wisdom and discernment, accountability or counsel? Of course not.  What I am referring to is this... it's a variant of "destination disease." When I get there... then.  I can't do this until... Continue Reading →

Brain Drain – With Bill Hoffman

My friend Jesse Barnett wrote a book called "Soul Crushers".  I featured him on one of our live broadcasts a while back. In his book he states; "What do you need to release to find freedom? ... You can learn to unpack your burdens one by one and find freedom." In similar fashion, brain drainers... Continue Reading →

Unfiltered Mindset – With Bill Hoffman

Much of the time, the word of unfiltered means more like, unabashed, raw, edgy. And that can certainly be true, and I believe necessary at times to be direct and getting a certain message across when many are compromising. In this particular discussion however, I am referring to our thought lives. If we don’t have... Continue Reading →

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