Emotional Overwhelm and Depression

When you experience emotional overwhelm, it can feel all-consuming. For the many people who will face this feeling at some point in their lives, it entails being completely overcome by intense and unruly emotions that make us feel something is too challenging to manage and overcome. When confronted with being overwhelmed, it can be difficult... Continue Reading →

Journey Orientation and Striving

What it means to stop striving. "Striving is ego-centric, Walking in Purpose is altruistic." Whether you are a believer or not, you might have heard the verse from the Book of Psalms (in the Bible) that goes like this: Most translations say “Be still and know that I am God.”I quote this to myself often... Continue Reading →

Life is Fleeting

Life is short. One huge reality we face in times of a crisis like the one we're in, is that life is a very short It usually doesn't feel that way so we many times don't live that way. We do well to plan like it will go on forever, and live like there is... Continue Reading →

First Things First

If you don't know what the first things are, and need to be, you cannot lead effectively. Things in God's universe work best in sequence. When we put things in different order, we very well may not be putting first things first. I'm not getting cosmic or "new agey" here.... God clearly puts Himself in... Continue Reading →

Don’t Trust Your Feelings

"Do whatever you feel." That kind of advice has ruined a generation. Emerging from the 1960’s counter-culture and certain schools of psychology, the focus on anchoring in emotions has had a number of unexpected consequences. One is that ideals of maturity rooted in religious and, philosophical traditions seem to have been lost.  From that point of view... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Calling?

We spend alot of time and effort bringing the reality to light, that you are not what you do; at least it shouldn't be that way. If it is that way, you are being defined by the outside in. It aught to be from the inside out. In Proverbs 4:23 we are told to guard... Continue Reading →


I want to take a moment to talk about this Blog itself. I have always made sure to caution readers to not self diagnose, or to use any information, opinions, or comments as ultimate Truth, or certainly not as replacement for diagnosis of any condition. I encourage you to not take any posts (of any... Continue Reading →

Healing Sexual Brokenness

Sexual Brokenness is an issue that is more prevalent than you would ever imagine. It's not that it's new to society, it's always been there. But back in the day, it was taboo to talk about such issues. Rape was an embarrassment, pregnancy in teens was covered up, and there was much more of a... Continue Reading →

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