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Daily Challenge was born out of a desire to help people journey well. We have now become, the EIS Daily Journal! Learning to avoid “destination orientation”, thinking if “we just fix a few things up in our lives”, we can just move on from there.

The reality is, life is a journey, and we were made to journey together, to encourage one another daily. At Daily Challenge, we try to present a broad spectrum of topics and categories such as Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Business, and many more. Our new Blog format will give you the option to search through specific categories, or even look for a specific post.

We hope you find our posts helpful as you journey, and we want to hear your comments, so please leave feedback and comments. Suggestions for specific topics are always welcomed.

Many thanks to my friend Jackie Moreta for putting this new website together. I couldn’t have done it without her and Tech Advisor, William Bello. Thank You!

Blessings to your way as you journey!

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