A Question of Faith and Religion

So what is faith? How does God fit in to our lives? What is religion and how does it affect our lives? I have been a believer for many years. A believer, in God, and in Jesus Christ. I am not, however, much of a believer in religion. But what's the difference? Many people have... Continue Reading →

Are You Able to Receive Correction?

There is power in accepting and receiving correction. I was talking with a pastor and he shared about his grandson who he was teaching to play golf. He said every time he was corrected or instructed he would get offended. I thought about several scriptures: Proverbs 15:5 - "A fool despises his father's instruction, but... Continue Reading →


Keep in mind, if you're a narcissist, you likely will not admit it. I am sure you have heard the ancient tale of Narcissus: he fell in love with his reflection in the water, lost his humanity and turned into a flower. This is where the term “narcissism” comes from, although the story itself is... Continue Reading →

Trust the Process

The Process. The process is a specific pathway that includes several steps that help create a pathway for an individual to discover their genuine selves, deal with their broken past, forgive themselves and others who have hurt them, release judgements against others, learn how to deal effectively with their thought life, and understand their temperament,... Continue Reading →

Tearing Down Strongholds

What is a stronghold anyway? Many strongholds consist of a pattern of thinking that your mind travels down regularly over a period of time. Strongholds in the mind are able to be torn down, or transformed into truthful patterns that replace the un-godly ones. The way we do this is be taking our thoughts captive... Continue Reading →


We must persevere through everything, no matter what. I remember an earlier stage of my life that this certainly was not my M.O. My M.O. was more like, "when the going gets tough, close up shop and go get drunk." I literally lived this way for years. When anything didn't go perfect, the way I... Continue Reading →

Principle Based Leaders

Another powerful EIS Leadership Training weekend. Creating principle based leaders, not just talent based leaders. Thanks again to Tony and Frances, my associate Damalie Namale, Sean and Kayla, Matt and Vanessa, Luis and Jackie, Dan and Shannon, Henry and Alexandra, and the great Tech Team that facilitated this event. We know that testimonies are the... Continue Reading →

Our Purpose

It's been a very special weekend and I am a little emotional right now. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this family right now. As we enjoyed an incredible sunset together, the love in my heart overflowed. God has put us together so His purpose could be established in us and then through us.... Continue Reading →

Life Transformation

In the work that we do, alot of the time people come to us to "fix" something. Like a car mechanic fixes your brakes. They usually quickly find that it's not just about fixing whats wrong with us and our relationships, it's much more about transforming our live s from the inside out. All the... Continue Reading →

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